The EMP Spotlight series introduces the individual behind the certification and demonstrates their dedication to all things related to energy efficiency.
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EMP Spotlight Vince Sage Northwest Engineering Services

Vince Sage of NorthWest Engineering Service, Inc. is a Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA) and an Energy Management Professional (EMP).

With 21 years in the industry, Vince is an expert in troubleshooting energy and facility concerns across key sectors in the built environment.

As a senior CxA, he manages multiple projects, mentors junior engineers, and is always searching for ways to refine and improve regular processes.

Jerry McNerney of Morrissey Engineering is a Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA) and Energy Management Professional (EMP).

With over 20 years of experience in the mechanical and commissioning industry, Jerry bridges the gap from field to design.

Knowing that properly performing buildings are a key aspect for sustainability, this is a driver in Jerry’s success of projects. With a net-zero home and volunteer roles in sustainability, Jerry is pushing projects past expectations.

EMP Spotlight Bryan Lang

Bryan Lang of ETC Group is a certified Energy Management Professional (EMP).

In 2019 alone, his efforts can be associated with a reduction of roughly 36,000 tons of CO2 and $1,442,000 in real savings for his clients. He’s aggressively worked to take ownership for all the engineering and implementation of sever deeper dive projects that have exceeded savings targets, come in under budget, and have been completed faster than projected.

We should all aspire to embrace Brian’s exemplary passion and enthusiasm for energy efficiency.

Rick Bennet of Enviros is a Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA) and Energy Management Professional (EMP).

As an EMP and CxA with over 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry, he incorporates best practices when managing commissioning projects, where he is responsible for all acceptance testing, documentation, trouble-shooting, studies, and technical documents.

With his busy schedule, he still dedicates time to sit on the EMA Board – helping shape the industry with standards, certification, training, and education.

EMP Spotlight Jereme Nollett

Jereme Nollett of Blackfin LLC is a Licensed Professional Engineer (PE),  Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA), and Energy Management Professional (EMP).

With over 13 years of industry experience in project management, MEP systems design, testing and balancing, building commissioning, and energy management, his diverse portfolio includes K-12, higher education, federal, hospitality and healthcare facilities.

Jereme is an advocate for his clients’ interests, and develops trust with his good attitude, team work, and detailed execution.

Paul Liesman of Horizon Engineering is an Energy Management Professional (EMP) and a Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA).

Recently, he’s developed monitoring-based commissioning packages and various consulting products designed to assist his clients’ ability to meet local energy laws.

The contributions of the energy management community are critical to meeting environmental and economic challenges of today’s built environment; and we are lucky to have Paul help meet those challenges.

EMP Spotlight Paul Liesman
EMP Spotlight Santu Nath

Santu Nath of S&S Engineering is an Energy Management Professional and Certified Commissioning Authority.

As the founder and principal-in-charge of MEP engineering services for S&S Engineering, Inc., he keeps pretty busy. But he’s made time to have a huge impact at EMA as a founding member, through his volunteer committee service and as a member of our Board.

Santu not only brings great credibility and expertise to the EMP credential, he shares it with us all.

Scott Blaylock of Hanson Professional Services Inc. is an Energy Management Professional (EMP).

He has worked with a variety of different managers, vendors and organizations, all leaders in the energy business. Similarly, EMA has assembled professionals with different perspectives, challenges and energy-related products and services, while maintaining focus on the common goal of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Scott has served both public and private clients providing energy audit, retro-Cx and Cx services.

EMP Spotlight Scott Blaylock
EMP Spotlight Eric McEwen

Eric McEwen of TLC Engineering Solutions is an Energy Management Professional and Certified Commissioning Authority.

With over 12 years of experience in energy management, Eric facilitates operations and maintenance training for building owners, specializes in control strategy optimization, and has extensive experience in writing commissioning specifications, test procedures, and commissioning plans.

Eric works collaboratively with the entire team to provide the optimal end result in energy efficiency.

Bobby Seals is an Energy Management Professional with FlaktGroup/SEMCO.

Bobby has led numerous OEM companies in the building optimization field finding solutions with products that provide optimum results.

In 24 years in the profession, he has learned that improving energy performance coincides with improving building performance, and the only way to get this done is doing the right improvements with the right people.

As an EMP, Bobby knows a lot about directing the right people to make the right improvements.

EMP Spotlight Bobby Seals
EMP Spotlight Gretchen Coleman

Gretchen Coleman of Gretchen Coleman Commissioning Group, LLC (GCCG) is an Energy Management Professional and Certified Commissioning Authority.

With 28 years’ experience, she’s known for professionalism and sharing expertise. She currently chairs EMA’s Certification Council. She’s made a huge mark already, but don’t expect a pause. She’s off to deliver the next, best-designed, built, and operating building she possibly can.

DLR Group’s Peter Turek is an Energy Management Professional. He knows commissioning-based energy management.

In 28 years in the profession, Peter has worked on commissioning and energy retrofit projects in locations ranging from skyscrapers to schools to data centers. The venues vary but the results do not: maximum energy efficiency and building performance.

And he’s always eager for the next challenge.

EMP Spotlight Peter Turek
EMP Spotlight Barry Cromuel

Barry Cromuel of PEAC LLC is an Energy Management Professional and Certified Commissioning Authority.

With 20+ years in the energy efficiency field, he knows his stuff. So much so that he’s responsible for the sales and operations of energy conservation and commissioning projects for DOD agencies including the Navy and Army, providing energy conservation solutions in schools, high performance training centers, virtual ops, data centers, top secret facilities and more.

EMA is proud to say that Barry carries the EMP credential and an entire nation is grateful he is dedicated to making our DOD more energy efficient.

Tim Gilbert of Salas O’Brien is an Energy Management Professional and Certified Commissioning Authority.

As National Cx director he oversees Cx services for building types ranging from data centers to hotels and many more.

With 42+ years in the mechanical engineering field and 18+ directly in Cx, he performs mechanical Retro-Cx projects driven to lower energy costs with 3 years or less payback. Tim knows how to help make buildings energy efficient. It’s a matter of pride and professionalism.

EMP Spotlight Tim Gilbert
EMP Spotlight Bob Knoedler

Bob Knoedler of Hanson Professional Services is a Certified Energy Management Professional.

With 40 years in the energy efficiency business, he knows his business. We are blessed and honored that he shares that knowledge as the lead instructor in the EMP training program.

Alyssa Faircloth is an Energy Management Professional.

She is also an engineer and LEED Green Associate. She practices her passion for energy efficiency and high-performance engineering design in her job at TLC Engineering Solutions.

As a certified EMP, Alyssa has proven that she has the knowledge, training and experience to carry a credential that is recognized by the Department of Energy Better Buildings Workforce and accredited by the American National Standards Institute.

EMP, the Gold Standard in Energy Management.

EMP Spotlight Alyssa Faircloth
EMP Spotlight Al LaPera

Kimley Horn’s Al LaPera is an Energy Management Professional and Commissioning Authority.

He raises the bar on sustainability while educating design teams and building owners. The extraordinary is ordinary for Al. He values energy savings as much as the design and construction professionals he mentors and inspires. EMPs are building champions — and build champions.

Building Energy Science’s Andy Heitman is an Energy Management Professional.

In fact, he was the first, having led the development of the program. Today, he’s putting that knowledge and skill to work for the Escambia County, FL School District. The District’s efforts in conjunction with Andy’s services over the last six years has netted more than six million dollars in energy savings. And the kids have a more healthy, comfortable environment for learning. You just can’t put a price on that.

EMP Spotlight Andy Heitman
EMP Spotlight Michael Kalemkaryan

3Qc’s Michael Kalemkaryan is an Energy Management Professional and Certified Commissioning Authority.

He puts these certifications to work in his practice. He’s working with local colleges to upgrade a central plant and associated control systems. Before it’s done, Michael will ensure the staff has the graphics and controls on a consistent, common platform that enables them to get the most from the investment. EMPs are the great enablers of energy efficiency.

Paul Raschilla is an Energy Management Professional. He makes buildings save energy. Sometimes he even works on restoring historic frigates.

Like General Lafayette’s L’Hermion. Paul says “it’s a green ship, powered by wind, fastest of its era.” Just what you’d expect to hear from an energy efficiency, sustainable design expert.

EMP Spotlight Paul Raschilla