Energy Management Association

EMA is dedicated to advancing the quality of energy management products and services for the benefit of the building owner. The association was founded by its affiliate the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG), the world’s leading association of certified commissioning authorities. It became a free-standing organization in 2014.
EMA was created in response to industry trends and the need for a new type of credential and organization to support them. EMA’s energy program is unique within the industry. It applies energy management skills and knowledge to the commissioning methodology. The commissioning-based process follows a data-driven approach, provides all-inclusive service, and leverages the knowledge and skills of the energy manager to improve energy efficiency while optimizing performance.
The core component of EMA’s programming is the Energy Management Professional (EMP) Certification. In less than four years, it achieved accreditation by ANAB and became recognized by the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings® Workforce Guidelines program. Apart from the distinction associated with these designations, it ensures that the EMP is identified as a “Qualified Energy Auditor” by the definition established in the ASHRAE 211 Standard for Commercial Building Energy Audits.

EMP Philosophy

The EMP is anchored by the process outlined in its Energy Management Guideline.
It describes a commissioning-based method to energy management. This process-oriented approach is designed to assist the building owner in achieving energy savings while maintaining optimum building performance. The method is data-driven as opposed to making assumptions and calculations based on unreliable information.
EMA’s reach and influence has expanded to include a wide array of building engineers, contractors, building owners, facility managers, manufacturers, utilities, commissioning providers, and others with an interest in advancing the quality of energy management services.

EMA Programming

  • EMP Seminar (In,Person, Virtual, OnDemand) Training and Certification
  • Operations & Maintenance Training (Virtual)
  • Utility Rate Structures and Analysis Training (Virtual)
  • CxEnergy Conference & Expo
  • Energy and Commissioning Webinars