Energy Management Professional (EMP) Certification

The Energy Management Professional (EMP) certification was developed to meet and exceed the energy management standards and needs of today, demonstrating your qualifications, experience and knowledge of energy issues to clients and others. EMA’s certification holds a unique value: it is accredited by ANAB, recognized by the DOE’s Better Buildings® Program in the Building Energy Manager category and provides a commissioning-based approach to energy management that similar certifications do not offer.

A Commissioning-Based Approach

Originally founded and developed by the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG), the EMP program was created by experts in both energy management and analysis and commissioning. EMA firmly believes that commissioning processes are essential to ensuring that energy conservation measures (ECMs) are implemented properly so that their benefits persist. The training we provide in the EMP program fully integrates these Cx principles (including EBCx) into all programs. In fact, all of our EMP seminar trainers are also ACG’s certified Commissioning Authorities (CxAs).


EMP certification is available to a wide range of experienced industry professionals who are responsible for managing and continually improving energy performance in commercial buildings.

Who is an EMP?

  • Commissioning Providers
  • MEP Engineer
  • Facilities Engineer
  • K-12/Higher Education Facilities Engineer
  • Energy Auditor
  • Commercial Real Estate O&M Managers

What Do EMP Certificants Do?

  • Plan effective energy management
  • Manage energy information
  • Implement energy management programs
  • Manage budgets and finances
  • Implement energy efficient projects
  • Manage energy communications

Steps to EMP Certification

Review the information regarding the EMP certification program, including details about how to prepare for the examination by downloading the EMP Candidate Handbook.

Register for the EMP Examination by completing the EMP Application. Any questions can be sent to [email protected].

Take and pass the EMP Exam at a local testing center or by attending one of our EMP Seminars listed at the top of this page.