EMP Certification

Preparing for the EMP Exam


Following are suggested references that are available to EMP candidates in descending order of importance. This is not intended as a comprehensive list of all materials available.


EMP Certification Data

For the 12-month period ending 12/31/2023, 22 candidates were approved to take the EMP exam. Of those, 13 passed the EMP certification exam, for a passing rate of 59%. During that period there were 120 active EMPs.

Steps to EMP Certification

Review the information regarding the EMP certification program, including details about how to prepare for the examination by downloading the EMP Candidate Handbook.

Register for the EMP Examination by completing the EMP Application and returning to [email protected].

Take and pass the EMP Exam at a local testing center or by attending one of our in-person EMP Seminars, with the exam on the final day.

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