Upcoming Training Opportunities


Virtual EMP Seminar

This two-day, six-hour course offers an overview and refresher on energy management with a focus on EMA’s commissioning-based approach. Instructors demonstrate sample problems and common calculations. Open to non-certification candidates at a discounted rate, the course includes handouts and a seminar recording.

Virtual Operations & Maintenance Training

Elevate your building’s efficiency with our Operations & Maintenance course. Designed for ambitious building personnel, our certified instructor guides you through energy management strategies, bill evaluation, baseline establishment, benchmark development, cost-effective efficiency techniques, code compliance, and more.

On Demand EMP Seminar

This intensive four-hour pre-recorded seminar helps EMP candidates understand the energy management process and how it can be applied. It incorporates instruction based on the Energy Manager “Job Task Analysis” adopted by the DOE’s Better Buildings Workforce. The seminar is also open to non-candidates for educational purposes.

FREE to EMA Corporate Members. Free Access to 4-hour version of the EMP Seminar On Demand ($300 value).