“Building Technology Podcast – Guests: Rick Bennet and Tim Darrah”

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Computrols moderator Scott Holstein recently sat down with EMA board member Rick Bennet, CxA, EMP, of National Facility Solutions and Tim Darrah of Intelligent Systems, to discuss the concept of predictive maintenance. Bennet describes predictive maintenance as an asset management practice of repairing an asset or piece of equipment before fails based on data received about it. In this podcast, Scott and Tim delve into the logistics of predictive maintenance,  what model implementation means for facilities, and how in practice predictive maintenance becomes an tool for facility managers, not a replacement. For the full transcript, details, and more, listen to the Building Technology podcast here.


Podcast Breakdown:

10:48 – What is predictive maintenance and how does it work?

13:27 – What are the benefits of predictive maintenance?

19:20 – Are fault detection and predictive maintenance the same thing?

19:46 – Many facility managers have concerns about this being a replacement for their services. What would you tell someone with this concern?

24:10 – What does it look like to implement a solution like this?

30:48 – How do you evaluate a service partner in the predictive maintenance field?

36:56 – Can the time horizon of the notifications be adjusted to meet the needs of your customer?

39:31 – Tim discusses the false positive rate of predictive maintenance programs.

42:16 – Rick discusses the importance of establishing baseline metrics before implementing a predictive maintenance program.

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