Notes Engineering Shortage, Urges Young Engineers to Take up Energy Management Profession

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the Energy Management Association (EMA) saluted the millions of concerned citizens who have supported the occasion over the past half-century. EMA is also calling attention to an often-forgotten facet of conservation: energy efficiency.

EMA partner ENERGYSTAR estimates that 30 percent of the energy consumed by US buildings is wasted.   Considering that the building sector consumes 40 percent of all energy consumed in the US, there is obviously an enormous conservation opportunity within our grasp. After all, the cheapest, cleanest kilowatt of energy, is the one that was not consumed. Energy efficiency offers a proven remedy for energy waste, said the group.

Noting that there is already a serious shortage of engineers in the US, EMA urged rising science and technology students to enter the energy management field and commended them to a free resource on its website: “Essential Techniques and Calculations for Energy Managers & Commissioning Authorities” a two-hour webinar that reviews calculations, formulas and unit conversions needed for ASHRAE level audits and commissioning activities. Among the many topics covered are establishing energy baselines, analyzing utility consumption, energy performance benchmarks, and identifying/evaluating energy conservation measures (ECMs).

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