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Energy Management Professional (EMP) Virtual Seminar

Energy management professional Seminar

EMP Certification

All EMP Seminar attendees pursuing certification need to submit an EMP application. If you are registering for the EMP Seminar, you do not need to submit payment with your EMP application.

Your Instructors

Bob Knoedler

Robert Knoedler, P.E., CxA, EMP, Hanson Professional Services

Robert Knoedler is a vice president at Hanson Professional Services Inc. in Springfield, IL, and serves as the principal-in-charge for building commissioning and energy services both nationally and internationally. He holds degrees in both mechanical and electrical engineering. His expertise is in the analysis, design and commissioning of mechanical (HVAC, plumbing, fire protection) and electrical (lighting and power distribution) building systems.

Al LaPera, TLC Engineering

Al LaPera, CxA, EMP, LEED AP, TLC Engineering

With 42 years of professional experience, Al has worked on a broad range of building types, including educational, healthcare, and commercial facilities. He is well versed in the design and analysis of HVAC systems and providing engineering services, including planning, analysis and construction observation from project inception through construction administration. His engineering expertise focuses on systems commissioning, energy analysis and energy auditing.


For more information contact EMA Headquarters at 202 737-1334
or email: [email protected]

energy management professional certification

Virtual EMP Seminar

May 5-6 at 2-5pm Eastern

This two-day, six-hour course provides an overview and refresher on energy management and how it can be applied. Instructors explain EMA’s commissioning-based approach to energy management that maximizes energy savings and optimizes building performance. Sample problems and common calculations will be demonstrated throughout the workshop. (Note: Due to our ANSI Accreditation and the firewall between instructors and the exam, this session is not intended to address specific exam content.)

EMP Seminar Course Content

This seminar is OPTIONAL for EMP Certification Candidates and NOT required to sit the exam.


The total cost to attend is $550, which also covers application and exam fees. Companies who have staff member successfully pass the Energy Management Professionals exam are invited to join as EMA Corporate Members. Corporate Membership dues are $250 a year.

Those who wish to attend for educational purposes only may use the promo code SEMINARONLY when registering for the $300 price that doesn’t cover certification fees.


After the seminar, candidates with approved applications are sent instructions on how to schedule an exam at one of 900 local testing centers. This seminar is also available to non-candidates for education purposes.