APPA is hosting a webinar on Key Performance Metrics for Energy and Facility Managers

Key Performance Metrics for Energy and Facility Managers


With facilities’ energy and O&M costs playing an increasingly important role in Owners’ budgeting and capital decisions, there are key performance metrics that need to be monitored. Identifying, calculating, and tracking these metrics is critical for establishing and meeting Owner’s energy and environmental goals. This presentation discusses several of these metrics, their development, and use in decision making.


Jun 22 2023


1:00 pm


  • Bob Knoedler
    Bob Knoedler
    P.E., CxA, EMP, Hanson Professional Services

    Robert Knoedler, P.E., CxA, EMP, is an executive consultant and vice president at Hanson and past president of the Energy Management Association (EMA). He has spent over 40 years as a consultant in mechanical/electrical facility design, commissioning, and energy management. Bob has presented to numerous private and governmental organizations and has published a number of articles related to energy management and commissioning.