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Baselines, Benchmarks and Related Metrics for Energy Managers

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The famous British physicist and scientist William Thomson Kelvin has been quoted as saying, ”What is not defined cannot be measured. What is not measured, cannot be improved. What is not improved, is always degraded.” Corporations and institutions need to define their goals, then convert them into measurable metrics to monitor and track the performance of their facilities.

This presentation will focus on the importance of establishing baselines with respect to facilities’ energy demand and consumption using energy use intensity (EUI) and related energy performance indicators (EnPI), and then utilize benchmarking tools for comparison against peer facilities.

In addition, we will discuss related metrics important to energy and facility managers associated with related sustainability and operational goals, including water and waste tracking, facility condition index and asset maintenance, indoor environmental quality, and greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint).

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the importance in converting goals to measurable metrics to monitor and track performance.  Metrics may vary based upon audience, such as operational level, site level, corporate level, etc.
  • Identify the importance of establishing an energy balance and baseline using steps outlined in ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard
  • Explain the various energy performance benchmarking tools utilizing Energy Use Intensity (EUI), as well as industry specific energy performance indicators (EnPI)
  • Define and recognize the use of related metrics tracking water, waste, asset maintenance, indoor environmental quality (IEQ), and greenhouse gas emissions.


Oct 24 2023


2:00 pm


  • Robert J. Knoedler
    Robert J. Knoedler
    P.E. CxA EMP

    Robert Knoedler, P.E., CxA, EMP, served as vice president at Hanson Professional Services Inc. in Springfield, IL, and as the principal-in-charge for building commissioning and energy services both nationally and internationally. He holds degrees in both mechanical and electrical engineering. His expertise is in the analysis, design and commissioning of mechanical (HVAC, plumbing, fire protection) and electrical (lighting and power distribution) building systems.