Facility Management Adjustments and their Impact on Energy Management Goals – How EMIS Can Help


Buildings in North America account for 30-40% of all energy used, and organizations have been setting ambitious Energy and Sustainability targets to reduce their overall carbon footprint and contribute toward creating a sustainable future.  Although the industry recognizes the need for data-driven solutions to proactively identify optimization opportunities and manage energy usage, limited resources in Energy and Facilities Management teams can become a barrier to meeting the desired energy and sustainability goals.

Furthermore, with an increased concern for the health and safety of occupants, the tension between ‘healthy’ buildings and optimized buildings brings forth an interesting challenge for management teams as they find themselves tasked with meeting health regulations while ensuring their buildings do not fall behind in meeting their targets.

In this webinar, we will use real-life practical examples to see how an Energy Management and Information System (EMIS), like CopperTree Analytics’ cloud-based platform, Kaizen, provides intelligent insights into building performance, optimization opportunities, and the impact of facility management adjustments on energy efficiency. We will also talk about the relationship between strong energy efficiency targets and their impact on facilities management strategies. With challenges like the separation of energy procurement from energy management and the gap between energy management vs comfort control and maintenance, we will make a case for how an EMIS can improve transparency and collaboration between Facilities Management and Energy Management teams.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of how an EMIS platform leverages data and equips facility and energy management teams with actionable information that aligns with their strategies and goals.
  • Using practical real-life examples, demonstrate the need for continuous monitoring of building performance and the impact of facilities management adjustments on energy efficiency.
  • Understanding how EMIS platforms can establish better collaboration between Energy and Facilities Management teams and improve tracking of results and reporting.
  • Acquire the fundamentals to build a solid business case for pairing sustainability frameworks with analytic-driven solutions.

Hosted by: CopperTree Analytics

coppertree to host a webinar on Facility Management Adjustments and their Impact on Energy Management Goals – How EMIS Can Help

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Jul 19 2022


2:00 pm


  • Adnan Bhat
    Adnan Bhat
    Sales Engineer at CopperTree Analytics

    Adnan is a Sales Engineer with CopperTree Analytics serving the Eastern US region. With a background in Electrical Engineering, Adnan is passionate about working with organizations seeking to enhance operational efficiencies, reduce their carbon footprint and improve building performance through energy management and automatic fault detection and diagnostics.