Salas O'Brien to present a webinar with EMA on New Energy Codes and Whole Building Airtightness Testing.

New Energy Codes and Whole Building Airtightness Testing


Air Barriers are an extremely important component of a high-performance building enclosure system. They represent a huge opportunity to reduce energy use and the carbon footprint that currently exists. The goal of the IECC 2021 and 90.1-2019 Energy Codes is to make optimal use of fossil fuels and renewable energy sources, no matter the size of a community.

Airtight buildings can reduce energy use by 10-40% depending upon the climate zone. The installation of an air barrier for a building improves moisture management which means the building will last longer with reduced maintenance. Air barriers will also provide an overall improvement in both the indoor air quality and acoustics of the building. For the most part, these systems are non-maintainable components and repairs can typically only be made with the removal of the exterior cladding system. To ensure a performing system, proper design, detailing, and ultimately the proper installation of these systems are extremely important. You have one chance to get it right.

This presentation covers the opportunities and challenges of both new construction and retrofitting of existing buildings to improve overall enclosure performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize new energy code/existing building code/sustainability requirements and market impacts
  • Describe the construction and functional performance testing (FPT) procedures and personnel qualifications for air and water penetration resistance testing
  • Discuss whole building airtightness test preparation and procedures
  • Identify whole building airtightness testing project requirements through review of case studies

Sponsored by: Moisture Intrusion Solutions, a Salas O’Brien Company

Salas O'Brien to present a webinar with EMA on New Energy Codes and Whole Building Airtightness Testing.Water intrusion can be a major expense, often leading to costly litigation. But you can minimize your risk by trusting the Building Envelope experts at MIS to be the building success partner you can trust.

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Sep 26 2023


2:00 pm