Transforming Your Building from Brown to Green with FDD and MBCx


Most commercial real estate buildings are privately owned and minimally managed. Achieving and maintaining a well operating building is more than minimizing occupant complaints about temperature. Learn how Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) can be installed on even a minimalist controls system and realize enough savings to pay for the service and more. We will also discuss how we can utilize the system to perform Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx) on components after hours so that maintenance staff can shift from being reactive to proactive.

Learning Objectives:

  • Upon leaving this course students will understand what FDD is and what value it provides.

  • Students will know that FDD is another tool at their disposal for managing efficiency in mechanical systems.

  • Students will learn that some software tools can go farther into controls and be used as remote commissioning tools.

  • Students will relate to the balance between the service and the need to take action on the recommendations that the software identifies.

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Feb 21 2023


2:00 pm


  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown
    EMP, President at KBSquared

    Kevin Brown is President at KBSquared. I still actively develop opportunities into self-funding solutions for our MUSH and Government clients but I also lead an excellent team of energy engineers and project developers scattered about the USA. I am a Licensed Professional Engineer concentrating on energy savings driven performance contracting.

    Our focus is finding that “right” solution that balances a customer’s needs and wants with what can be funded through guaranteed energy savings. We are constantly looking for new energy conservation measures and better ways to bring value to our customers to help them fund their infrastructure needs.