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Understanding the Role of Analytics as a Strategic Tool for Proactive Energy Management

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The race to meet GHG reduction targets continues as organizations are continually thinking of ways to become more proactive and efficient in their use of resources. Energy Management and Information Systems – commonly referred to as EMIS – are supervisory tools designed to help manage building energy use and achieve sustainability goals.

Whether your organization is still considering EMIS solutions, is in the process of implementing one, or is a seasoned EMIS adopter, this webinar shall provide helpful content at each stage of your EMIS journey. This session includes:

  • an overview of current and evolving technology,
  • examples on how a supervisory platform is being leveraged to improve occupant comfort and optimize system operation, and
  • best practices to help integrate analytics into current operational workflows.

The countless cloud applications available today are all trying to convince us that we can and should be more efficient. EMIS tools are no different, but what is crucial, is how these tools are being integrated at the operational level. Today, organizations are asking questions such as, “Do we really need an EMIS if we already have a Building Automation System (BAS)?”, “What is the roadmap for a successful implementation of our chosen EMIS?”, and “How can our EMIS help us become more proactive?”

In this webinar, we not only present EMIS technology as a strategic and operational tool but also discuss how this technology needs to be paired with continuous improvement processes such as Energy Management Systems (EnMS) and Monitored-Based Commissioning (MBCx) practices – setting us up on a journey towards proactive energy management.

Learning Objectives

    • Gain a broad understanding of the technology and capabilities behind Energy Management and Information Systems.
    • Learn from real examples that highlight the value of continuous data to identify optimization opportunities.
    • Acquire best practices for pairing sustainability frameworks with data-driven solutions.
    • Identify ways organizations can engage in smart technologies to achieve energy efficiency and demand flexibility.

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CopperTree Analytics: CopperTree Analytics is a provider of building and energy analytics solutions, drawing upon 30 years of controls manufacturing and smart building experience. We take your building’s data and turn it into actionable insights, helping you save money and energy while maintaining occupant comfort levels. Take control of managing all of your resources, and realize your building potential.


Aug 24 2021


2:00 pm


  • Ricardo Moromisato
    Ricardo Moromisato
    AScT, CEM, CopperTree Analytics

    Ricardo’s focus over the last decade has been on the application and innovation of software-as-a-service platforms for performance analytics, energy monitoring and fault detection and diagnostics. Working with strategic partners, leading research institutions and various business units within CopperTree, Ricardo applies his 25+ years of experience in process automation, software development, and systems integration in the implementation of strategies and solutions in the pursuit of high-performance buildings. He is a Certified Energy Manager and Applied Science Technologist registered in British Columbia.