We’ve Solved the Internet: Network Automation and Cyber Security for Commissioning and Energy Management

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Three messages were loud and clear from this year’s AHR: Open and agnostic platforms matter, Cyber Security is finally getting it’s due place in our industry, and a “Smart Building” simply ISN’T without data. Join us for a webinar where we will highlight Patented Automation for connecting and securing Buildings and Systems in an IP-Based world. With Tosibox you no longer need public IP’s, IT knowledge, or a team of Cyber Security experts to connect to system (pre and post commissioning), have continuous data flow to anywhere, instant layer 2 access management and the most robust and trusted cyber security narrative in the industry.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will learn how to connect any and all systems (pre- or post IT), regardless of your current level of IT knowledge
  • You will learn how to protect your brand and your customers brand from cyber security attacks
  • You will learn new ways to interact with your customers and their assets, creating new revenue streams, lowering operational costs, and finally helping realize the promise Industry 4.0/Smarter Buildings.
  • Learn cost-effective ways to connect new assets including hardware, software, cellular data plans, firewall, cyber Security, and access control

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Tosibox was born from the idea that secure remote access doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. In the summer of 2010, Veikko Ylimartimo was one of many hard-working and ambitious IT professionals. With a long career in challenging IT positions for an internet operator and an equipment manufacturer, Veikko turned his experience towards consulting for companies thatneeded safe and reliable remote connections. He had a clear vision –he wanted to develop an easy way to work remotely and securely manage technical devices.


Mar 29 2022


2:00 pm


  • Jerry Reeves
    Jerry Reeves
    VP of Engineering, TOSIBOX, Inc.

    Jerry Reeves is the VP of Engineering and Global Product Management Team Member at TOSIBOX. Jerry is a Georgia Tech engineer and spent most of his career as a system integrator. For the past four years, Jerry has been helping organizations leverage TOSIBOX in their Industry 4.0 initiatives. Jerry is highly experienced in organizational and business process improvement related to high technology, cybersecurity and interoperability. Not to mention, he’s figured out how to combine deep system integration and engineering with the ability to communicate through all levels of an organization to get stuff done.

  • William Behn
    William Behn
    President, TOSIBOX, Inc.

    William Behn is a founding member of the TOSIBOX global executive team and President at TOSIBOX, Inc., leading the charge in enabling Industry 4.0 initiatives in multiple verticals in 150 countries. Prior to this, Bill ran a national staffing and banking consulting company and trained fighter pilots in Asia for over a decade. Bill has spent the last 15 years working with innovators and high-performing organizations around the globe to connect dots and solve modern problems with modern solutions. He’s also a fan of breaking old habits, reality, extreme efficiency, maintaining an effective cut and draw in golf, geo-politics, self-expression, understanding how the brain can move us forward and hold us back, the US Air Force C-130 Cadre, technology, innovation, and elevating everything.